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Payload commercial turbos

High Durability, Maximum Performance Turbochargers for Commercial and Industrial

Why is AXT’s Payload commercial turbo series is changing the game

Why Do YOU need it?

AXT Turbo has been remanufacturing, designing and upgrading turbochargers for 30+ years.

For passenger vehicles and 4×4’s, we developed our X11 series turbochargers, to provide a more reliable performance alternative to the factory turbocharger. Why, because we kept seeing the same failures time and time again in the OEM specification units, which , while not a design fault, highlighted particular weaknesses of the OEM units.

Our Payload Series builds on the X11 heritage, where we see very consistent failures of the standard turbochargers, when in the real world, where no-one can afford downtime.

Commercial, Industrial and Transportation vehicles simply cannot afford to be off the road for anytime more than is absolutely necessary.

Installation and optimal service scheduling with a Payload Series Turbocharger package provides for longer reliability, more durability, reduced downtime and lower total costs of ownership. How can you go wrong ?

Technical – Payload Series turbochargers are subjected to significant R&D prior to release, to ensure real world guaranteed reliability and performance. Using AXT Turbo’s extensive knowledge from our repair centre, we establish the underlying causes of early turbocharger failures, and address each facet individually. We take into account the usual facts that the vehicle may be somewhat “under-serviced”, due to the operator simply wanting to finish the task at hand, and not wanting to take precious hours out of the day.

We take into account the vehicle may actually have other mechanical issues that may contribute to early failure. We take into account that the operator maybe not as mechanical sympathetic with a fleet vehicle, that they might be with their own vehicle.

We design our Payload Series Turbochargers through the same process as our X11 Program – Bearings are upgraded, thrust collars improved, oil flow dynamics improved, turbine efficiencies improved and compressor stage flows improved.

This is done by altering turbocharger clearances, bearing sizes and designs, wheel and vane geometry and later better metallurgy throughout. This allows for the turbocharger to successfully operate well below the factory minimum required specifications for oil supply pressure , flow and even handle oil contamination, that might otherwise destroy the OEM turbocharger.

Vane and turbine geometry and clearances allow for not only improved flow, but also less issue with excessive carbon contamination, due to poor fuels, or engine tuning. The compressor stage is significantly upgraded, to take advantage of better material and designs, using enhanced airflow dynamics, computer designed , tested and flowed to deliver a cooler intake charge, combined with a faster and smoother delivery of air to the engine.


Additionally, the turbocharger capability is improved overall, allowing up to 50% more airflow capability over standard, so if additional power is desired, the turbocharger will safely support the extra air required. The cooler compressor outlet temperatures, combined with a faster spool rate enhance bottom end torque and response, which not only makes the vehicle far nicer to drive, but may also improve economy if driven appropriately.

So ask yourself

  • Do you need your vehicle reliable?
  • Do you need NOT to worry about the turbocharger ever again?
  • Do you need the vehicle to be able to take the punishment demanded by less than average operators?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, give us a call about our Payload Series Turbocharger programmes available.

Payload Series Turbochargers are available as outright purchase or on one of our customised exchange programmes. We’ve even got regular maintenance swap out programs for service option type applications, which can reduce your total cost of ownership and provide a machine life guarantee !

Our UNRIVALED Guarantee – If your PAYLOAD series Turbocharger fails for WHATEVER reason while in one of our maintenance programs, we will replace it FREE. ( obviously subject to normal conditions and limits etc – see our guarantee and warranty page for further information. )

Some examples of our program advantages

A dozer is out strip clearing, when a chain snaps damaging the ducting and  turbo entry. The turbo can be immediately replaced and the machine is back to work. The damaged unit is returned through our exchange program, with NO additional cost to the owner.

A client with a particularly large genset configuration had a “disgruntled person” remove an airbox and drop a towel down the inlet. This immediately destroyed the turbocharger and shut the site down. The turbocharger is immediately replaced and the site is back, up and running within the shortest possible time period.

No waiting for approvals or authorisations! The damaged unit was returned through our exchange program and repaired as required.  As this was criminal action, the client was able to recover the cost from the perpetrator / insurance, however the downtime was minimised, and there was no issue or direct cost with continuance of the maintenance program.

A service technician performing routine maintenance forgot to fill the water pump engine with oil, started it and ran it up to speed, before realising the error. The turbocharger was changed out and returned through our exchange program, at no cost to the owner. The machine was up and running again within a short period of time, with nothing more than a bit of embarrassment to the technician.

A courier van travelling along the freeway has the front end of the vehicle hit with a piece of scaffold of a builders truck. The truck has no idea and keeps driving. The intercooler and radiator are pierced, resulting in a significant engine failure. The insurance company agree’s to pay for the engine, but not the turbo, as it was not “directly” attributable damage. But no fear, as the unit is covered under our exchange maintenance programme, the owner is simply able to swap it out, with NO additional cost.